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Review: eFoods Global Cheesy Chicken Rice

January 28, 2011

Mmmmmm…cheesy goodness. This was the first eFoods product I tried, and I was concerned that it would not live up to its serving size when I opened the package. However, it was so filling that it did indeed get the four of us a dinner and lunch. It smelled great, looked fresh and tasted delicious. The instructions were easy – just add water and bring to a boil. I also added in some leftover chicken breast pieces I had in the fridge as suggested on the package.

It would be simple to add a few different types of vegetables to add some variety to this meal. I would also think that you could get away with adding other types of meat with it – the chicken flavor is more like a broth type of flavor (not super strong) so fish or beef would likely also work.

The website’s description says, “Features moist, tender chicken-flavored tidbits covered with melted cheddar cheese nestled in a blend of creamy rice and vegetables. An added chicken breast or two can take this charmer to a whole new level of culinary delight.”

As a note: for my testing process as I work on building our family’s food reserves, I do not tell my colossally picky husband where the food came from so as to get unbiased commentary. Seriously, I hide healthy things like pureed vegetables and don’t tell him – once he caught me and suddenly disliked a food he always liked. I told him I was just testing it out, did it again the next time without getting caught and he loved the dish again. You see what I’m working with here…however annoying it can be at times,  his feedback is very valuable when the proper controls are made in the experiment. 🙂

Picky Husband Rating System: Unsolicited praise and request to make it again often.

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