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Goal Zero Portable Solar Power

June 3, 2011

Costco was having one of their in-store events featuring the Goal Zero portable solar power system. I especially like that the unit can be left plugged in all the time without any harm to the battery, and it has direct connections for USB devices. You don’t have to buy the solar panels, you could just leave your unit plugged in for short emergencies or power outages. The Scout model, which looks like a large coffee pot, is supposed to only take about an hour to recharge in the sun.

While this is obviously a good preparedness tool, it would also be great just for regular camping. With regular use, it should last 5-7 years.

They claim to have superb customer service, and the gentleman demoing at Costco was certainly very helpful and informative without being at all pushy. You can check your local Costco for their schedule to see if they will be in your area – the cost was nearly a third off.

We provide portable power, solar panels, lights and accessories. Our products are very simple to use and connect – just plug and play. You collect power from the sun, wall, or 12V car/boat adapter. You store this power in any of our GOAL ZERO batteries. You then are ready to use this power anywhere at anytime with only your imagination as the limit. Power for USB, 12V, AC/DC devices.

There really isn’t anyone out there currently offering anything comparable to Goal Zero. We are unique by providing more power at a lower price with units smaller and lighter then our closest competitor. We use mono-crystalline solar cells and lithium ion batteries. Our products are chainable which allows you to daisy chain our batteries and solar panels to instantly boost your storage/collection abilities. Start with one system and add power to it if needed without having anything become obsolete. We offer a 1-year warranty and stand behind our products. Customer service is highly, extremely, seriously, (insert your adjective here) important to us. (Really, it is.)

They also provide a handy chart that shows what each type of device can power here.

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