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Food Reserves

If you have watched the recent news you know that we are moving into tough times ahead in our nation and in our world. The monetary system is collapsing, the food situation is bleak and the list goes on….

We have been blessed to have been given an opportunity to share a way to put aside some food for the days to come and to help one another to prepare for tough times ahead.

Please watch this Fox Business report where inflation experts warn of coming food inflation.

Why should you choose this food to be prepared with?

  • 15-25 year shelf life!
  • Less than 90 cents per serving!
  • Absolutely delicious gourmet foods to choose from
  • Mostly all organic – no preservatives or MSG or GMO products
  • Soy- and gluten-free options
  • 100% Kosher – no pork or shellfish
  • 100% Vegetarian (with mock chicken & beef dishes)
  • A healthy alternative to other storable food items
  • Packaged as a nutritious grab-and-go meal you can prepare on a stove or over a campfire
  • Go to and watch the video and then order the 6 free meals to try!
  • Contact me in the comments below for more information.

Our products are 100% kosher, 100% vegetarian, mostly all organic, no MSG or preservatives… less than 91cents per serving and really delicious! On top of everything else… it has a 15-25 year shelf life. THAT is why we bought it.

You can order 6 delicious gourmet meals for free to see if this is the right option for long term food storage for your family.

Why Free Food?
Frankly, we’re tired of the empty promises, hype and exaggeration that surround many opportunities. With this fantastic offer, we’re putting our money where your mouth is. Talk is cheap but FOOD isn’t – especially when you’re hungry. Other than air and water, food is the greatest dependancy you we have – and you never know when food can become your highest priority.

28 years were spent designing gourmet food that families can reserve for good times and hard times. Our savory meals are convienient, economical and availalbe when you need them for an emergency.

Want more?
If after trying the 6 free meals you want more, join me as a Preferred Customer and order what you like, or join me as an Independent Business Owner and earn both food and money from your very own network distribution business:

Preferred Customer: Just purchase eFoods Global products from (the same website where you ordered your free meals). No commitments, just order any product you love anytime you want! Please note that many of the products are soy- and gluten- free!

Independent Business Owner: Earn extra income by using our “serve, save, share” model with someone you care about. I can show you how you too can offer 6 free meals to others and build a successful business. When you share a meal, you find out how much good you can really do. Join us in our mission to share eFoods Global with everyone around the world.

Saving families one meal at a time!


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